About Us who we are...

Our Brief History

In the 1960's, RoshanDeen Ellahi, better known as GaniBhai was inspired to go out in Jamaat.

He came back to Benoni, and together with some local brothers established the work of Tabligh. Such was his passion for the guidance of humanity, that he used to render passages from the Fazaail-e-Aa'maal & the Fazaail-e-Sadaqaatonstreet corners.

He was a ardent believer that your neighborhood was 40 houses around him and would go from door to door checking both the spiritual and physical conditions of every person. Hewould in particular visit the sick and widows.

GaniBhai approached a youngster at that time by the name of Mohammed Seetal, and with lots of love and wisdom was able to motivate to join him in assisting both muslim andnon-muslim families.

Amongst his many noble qualities was that he would be very particular of being early for every salaah, upto 20 minutes before salaah and would remain for a lengthy time after salaah. His outstanding quality was that before assisting any family financially, he would direct their attention to Allaah, by encouragingthemtowards Aa'maal.

His reward came in this world where Allaah had granted him a most desirous Death. He passed away in 1998 on the 27th of Ramadhaan,ona Thursday night.

The excuse for his demise was stomach ulcers making him a shaheed (Martyr) and he was encouraging all the people around him to make Zikr.

Thereafter a few brothers got together and formed what was called, Ramez(RMSEZ, named after the few volunteers. Thereafter the name was changed to BCO Benoni Charity Organisation)and ultimately it was changed toBMCO.

Who are we?

Charity is the act of giving money, goods or time to the Less fortunate, either directly or by means of a charitable trust or any other worthy cause.

The BENONI MUSLIM CHARITY ORGANISATION is a Locally based development charity, aimed at bringing Life, hope and opportunity to the poor, needy and vulnerable muslim population of South Africa. We are a registered PUBLIC BENEFIT ORGANISATION (PBO) and we believe that everyone, anywhere can make a very real difference to the Lives of our feLLow muslim brethren.

Formed in 1990, this organisation was founded with the principal intention of serving the Less fortunate.

Through a speedy decade the organisation has served the ActonviLLe community and in the recent past years has extended its services to aid our neighbouring towns namely Wattville, Leachville and & Villa Liza.

The success of this organisation is based on the unconditional and very generous support of the public. The efficiency and success of the organisation is complimented with the dedication and devotion of the volunteers and members that sum up the quality of the organisation.

We are a humanitarian organisation, plain and simple. The core of our effort is to distribute humanitarian aid to our most deserving families living in our communities. We are dependant on the Duaa's of our well wishers, and coupled with that, the selfless service of our volunteers, who go personally into the affected areas and distribute your Lillah & Zakaat to those who are desperately in need.