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We distribute grocery hampers to approximately 300 families on a weekly basis. In addition to the weekly hamper, the organisation plays an active role in family support by means of payments for rentals, utility bills, funeral costs, transport, medical assistance, fruit & vegetables, monthly groceries, meat vouchers and other essential or necessary services.

At the beginning of every Ramadhaan, We also distribute a much larger Hamper comprising of essential groceries to deserving families in and around Actonville, Wattville, Geluksdal, Vosloorus, Villa Liza, Spruitview, New Modder, Rynsoord, Westbury &.Ivory Park.Tembisa.

The organisation reacts to requests for aid either verbally or written and a team of members of the organisation visits the respective family/household d evaluates them. Should the family's application be approved, assistance is provided. The families are re-visited on an ongoing basis and with the intention that the family may be able to achieve an improved quality of social and economically viable life.

Through the years the families have been given blankets of high standard in the cold winter months. Last winter just over 200 blankets were issued in the Actonville community alone. The other areas that also benefited in the winter programme were Wattville, Villa Liza, Leachville, Geluksdal and the local informal settlements.

We also promote and assist in the social and educational advancement of the less fortunate and the underprivileged wherever financially possible or through donor support.

The success of this organisation is based on the unconditional and very generous support of the public. The efficiency and success of the organisation is complimented with the dedication and devotion of the volunteers and members that sum up the quality of the organisation.


Undoubtedly every system in this world and beyond is controlled by Allah Ta'aala alone. No being, no object, no system and no organisation has the ability to do anything without the command of Allah Ta'aala. We humbly request your Duaa's for the success of the organisation and community in the month of Ramadhaan and beyond. Therefore it is imperative that we attract the mercy of Allah Ta'aala at all times.


As muslims we understand that every bounty we have including our health, wealth, body and TIME is an amaanat(trust) from Allah Ta'aala. Whether you wish to give just an hour of your time or even a day, please contact our office to find out how YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE in getting involved in one of our projects.


By allowing BMCO to distribute your ZAKAAT, LILLAH or SADAQAH you can be assured that your funds will be used correctly right here in the local community thereby making a difference to our neighbours.


Tell your friends and neighbours that there is a LOCAL ORGANISATION, based in Benoni, which is volunteer based and willing to distribute zakaat, lillah and sadaqah.

R1250.00 of your Zakaah can:

cBarely feed a family of 4 for a month.
� Ensure a child has enough light to complete his homework.
� Provide a school uniform to a child for one year, or pay for their education.
� Keep a child from begging on the street.
� Create hope within a widow's home.
� Ensure a mother and baby have access to basic healthcare.

� Our current Zakaah coLLections are able to reach ± 1500 people, while the demand is far greater.
� An average home rental in Actonvflle costs R2000 excluding utilities.
� BMCO does not utilise zakaah funds for operating and administrative expenses.
� We also distribute your Aqeeqah, Sadaqah ft Qurbaanf Meat parcels on your behalf.

For direct deposits, please use the following banking details and if you require a receipt please email a copy of the deposit slip together with your contact details to: info@bmco.org.za

Please bear in mind that all donations to BENONI MUSLIM CHARITY ORGANISATION are tax deductible.


Zakaat Account:
Bank: FNB
Account Name: Benoni Muslim Charity Organisation
Account Number: 6201 4487 640
Branch Name: Park Place East
Branch Code: 25 26 05

Lillah & Sadaqah Account
Bank: FNB
Account Number: 6209 0295 819
Branch Name: Park Place East
Branch Code: 25 26 05